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by Arnold Pötsch

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a brand of concept to market is a Web shop for Virtual Reality displays inspired by Google cardboard. With lenses created in Germany we reach best quality. For B2B clients we offer unique designed cardboards even in great quantities.









a B2B networking platform where we try to connect and share knowledge of global VR professionals. Currently we are in BETA and happy for feedback and help in kickstarting this project.









an upcoming Project that will be the 1st TV Station for Virtual Reality (B2C). The B2B strategy is to offer our VR/360° channels as a white label solution for content hosting and live streaming.











ProSiebenSat1 did the first 360° live stream for a casting show in Germany in cooperation with Apple Beats. Concept to market / Arnold Pötsch took care of the whole project management.








For ran, a brand of the ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH, concept to market/ Arnold was the Project Manager of a VR boxing showcase for the dmexco 2015 in Cologne. It showed the journey of Jack Culcay to his World Championship.








7 Travel offered vistitors of the dmexco stunning 360° views of the island Corfu. The responsibility of concept to market / Arnold was to manage the licensed VR content and create a experience of 360 stills and videos.

Consulting for Virtual Reality

We´d love to join you on your way to the next dimension of entertainment.

Our expertise lies in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° Videos - from scratch to distribution.

Executive Producing 360° Videos

We are partners for every size of VR and 360° project and take care of parts or the whole production process. To find the best equipment, to tell the most exciting story and to publish the content in the most intelligent way, are our main concerns.

Consulting for Digital Products

Based on a long-standing experience in the digital games industry we can help in Product- and Marketing Management, Gamification and Monitization .

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